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A mEsSaGe To ThE wOrLD
by veronica  villahermosa

I've seen others kissing, holding hands and hugging
and I'd think does a love like this really exist?
I've seen others cry because they miss their loves and i think,
"When God handed out loves was it me that he missed?"

But one day unexpectedly
I decided to look up and when I did I found you.
Shocked by what I saw and felt,
I all of a sudden knew that what the others felt was true.

Now I'm the one who holds hands, hugs, and kisses.
I'm the one who cries when your love it misses.
I'm the one who sees the world in a whole, new way
I'm the one who thanks God every night when I pray.

Now I would like to send a message out to the whole world,
one to every man, woman, boy, and girl.
Don't walk with your head down or you'll never see
the one who belongs to you like I found the one who belongs to me.
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Poem ID: 38016   Poem Posted: 7/6/2000
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