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Nocturnal Plea
by Laura Barlett 

Dancing in the moonlight
My figure wrapped in crimson.
Weighted Drops of rain
Shed from the heavenly hosts above.
Spiraling down into my hollowed heart,
Ever waiting to ignite.

Crows singing in melodic dissonance,
Remorse laden in a ghostly lament.
I wait for you,
A message never came.
I cry to you,
Yet, tears stow away encumbered,
Dreaming still of your absent Romance.

Garb of silken shadows
Fall upon our entangled forms.
Open my eyes and he is gone,
The Sweetest pain of the future's 'morrow.
The want of lips upon supple flesh;
To you I ask:
Is all my effort made in vain?
To you I implore:
Should I Know?

Your face in my mind.
Your voice in my ears.
Malicious misery I remain for casting you aside;
Pawns in Fates game, 
The sad and ill-begotten house of fools.
Eyes blinded to your form, 
I ever long for that burning touch.
My heart enclosed in your relentless bind.

Three words, long ince overdue,
Complex simplicity, meant for you.
Here I am left on broken knees, 
Running far from reality?s pull.
I beg you stars- for sight of only he,
Let my prince know our words of three,
"I love thee."

Here as insanity breaches its border, 
I bring a close to my Nocturnal plea.
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Poem ID: 79371   Poem Posted: 12/2/2004
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Copyright , 2004, Laura Ruth Barlett  all rights reserved by the author.
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