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Death's Kiss
by Rachel  Summer

I see a tall dark man
His black as midnight eyes catch mine
I know who he is, yet I'm drawn to him
Slowly we walk towards each other
As we meet, he smiles, because he can feel my fear
He feeds off this fear and my eternal attraction to him
As I stare, our lips meet
I close my eyes and savor the moment
I know it will never be the same
His kiss is as poison to my soul
And I can feel the change already
I feel a numbness creeping slowly towards my heart
But when I look for him to ask what is happening
He has disappeared, perhaps forever
I stare at the place where he once stood
And wonder
When will it end
A tiny voice inside my head whispers one word
A word that will forever haunt me
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Poem ID: 25095   Poem Posted: 1/22/2000
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Copyright , 1998, Rachel Summer  all rights reserved by the author.
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