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My Final Good-Bye
by Avery  Robertson

It never mattered what I needed,
you never cared if I fell
down into that abyss 
where dark hands gripped me
and stripped my faith from my soul.

Things I wanted were so simple,
rarely did I ask you for anything,
...but truth,
still you dragged me down that road
of deception on my knees 
watching me bleed,

Every time I made up my mind to leave,
the casket top slamed shut
and I cried at the sound 
of the wind outside, mourning 
for what had been taken from
one who had treasured all the elements
with wonder and tenderness.

Never have I been so betrayed,
in all the betrayals that have happened,
like the sad chords of a guitar,
weeping for me,
knowing nothing can stop the
salt from stinging my open wounds.

Emerging slowly like a wounded
butterfly, struggling to take flight,
the sun blinds me- proving how much
I was in the darkness
and for so long... that now 
I don't know which way to fly.

Yet, still with broken wings,
and blood filled eyes,
I cast myself to the wind
and let it carry me wherever
fate will deem fit,
for there are places,
where the shattered ones still hide.

So be kind
and embrace me in
my final good-bye.
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Poem ID: 74043   Poem Posted: 8/10/2003
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