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The hurt I will Always have
by Hurt 'N' Pain

Sometimes there comes times,
When I feel that I am 100% over you, 
But then when it breaks down into reality,
I realize I still LOVE you,
I always wanna tell you how I feel, 
But I am just way too scared,
I try to show you no emotion, 
But I still feel what my true feelings are,
You know that I would probably do anything in this world, 
just to have you back again, 
And you know that the love I have for you will never come to an end,
I don't know how to move on,
Because everytime I feel I no longer wanna be with you I realize 
what our love used to be made of.
We used to be so perfect!
And never did I think that we would wind up apart,
But I was wrong because we haven't been together for almost a year,
If we were still together it would have been a year today, 
but see my dear, I made a mistake that I wish I  never made,
Because today we could have been so happy, 
And we would probably be together right now, 
But I had to mess up and make myself frown, 
If only we were together, 
I know we could last forever,
but now it is all up to you,
If you wanna be in this love too,
I always wonder if you still love me,
But I don't think you do becasue you never let me see.
I know you care,
But I don't kbow what other feelings are there.
If I only knew,
What you truly feel. 
But I know that will never happen,
Because you have always kept your feelings inside,
Well now it is time for me to go, 
But remember always, I will forever be in love with you.
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Poem ID: 13263   Poem Posted: 4/7/1999
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Copyright , 1999, Hurt 'N' Pain  all rights reserved by the author.
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