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Love Fades
by Rhea Liezl  Florendo

I've heard people say that love transcends time
That it will be sweeter as it ages, just like wine
But sometimes when you least expect it love fades,
So bittersweet that nothing but memory remains.
Love fades...

Sometimes you remember how it feels to sit by the phone
Waiting for that nonexistent call all alone
Or the cold breeze brushing your hair
As you sit at the bottom of the lonely stair
Telling yourself that someday he would realize
The love you feel for him, that it never dies.
You search for the reasons to ease your mind
But the tears, and the pain, just make you numb inside.
And then, love fades...

Time never used to matter if you love someone truly
With all the teardrops, feelings rust suddenly...
Yet you stare at his picture, longingly at his face
Thinking, in your heart, no one could ever take his place.
Still, he didn't see, and he turned away...

So until when shall one wait?
Love's too late.
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Poem ID: 59648   Poem Posted: 4/26/2001
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Copyright , 2000, Rhea Liezl Florendo  all rights reserved by the author.
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