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by megan marie combs

who would have thought a mere ghost image of you
i always dreamed that when i found someone
they would find me, too
but i'm just as lost now as i never was before
that's how alone i am and i can't stop wanting more
the hole in me could have been filled to the top
i could swim in your thoughts though they change so suddenly
spill out everything, baby, and then to find it was all lies to me
i bet if i would have been myself around him
he would have loved everything inside of me
and all lies to myself, i thought would just leave
and free myself once goodbye came
i knew it would, perfect... perfect... perfect
because only things that aren't real can be perfect
and no one is, but you were for me
perfect angel ghost that with me, couldn't be
will i dwell, and swim, and float in you
memories of a lost time, all this pain to look through
as it cuts me like glass, clear and shameless
a look in myself, a deep walking mess
yellow and blue, make a nice beach ball
the lines that in my head climb and fall
sometimes i can remember your face as time goes away
fate, and sunshine, sea, and air
how i held on to those last few weeks
like a time that has no day, in my mind, it was just you and me
and a future that will never be
and the last time i saw you, i cried so hard i couldn't breath
a fateless june evening, the words still ringing but what to say
the words from your lips carelessly muttered... someday
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Poem ID: 39707   Poem Posted: 7/20/2000
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