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An Angel
by Regent  Silver

You step around my life so gracefully
and I'm certain you don't know I'm here
but sometimes
I catch a glimpse of your smile 
and it warms me
and it's almost enough 

You don't have wings
but I'm sure you're an angel
your laughter is music, 
and sometimes 
I pretend that you're laughing 
just for me

I long to be more than eyes 
that watch you
more than lungs 
that forget to breathe
more than a heart that aches and swells
I long to be a treasure to you

To be someone you turn to for joy
but I know better
So each night I send you hope of happiness,
borne on wishes 
whispered in my darkness
broken by your angel smile
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Poem ID: 16172   Poem Posted: 6/20/1999
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