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Its Just a Kiss Baby
by Avery  Robertson

So he speaks,
but not to this soul,
he isn't stepping up,
nor is he stepping back.
Maybe he is just drunk
with the moment or
playing some other tune.
He never lets go
and he never embraces
the flesh he fancies,
no, he just whispers
in dark corners of lust
and things to come.
Why do this love thing
at all? Can't I find
anything better than
Mr. "thinking he's perfect" man,
that gives me hell and then
goes out to raise it up himself.
Tonight the tables turned,
as he watched me enter his domain,
decked out in copper silk.
Hair flowing past my waist,
glistening lips that are beckoning
with promises I will never give.
Green-blue eyes pondering the men
that puff up as I walk by.
Dropping my leather coat off
my back and turning on the dance
floor, waiting,
For a brave man to step my way,
take me for a whirl.
Give me a cheap thrill,
and then I will give the one
promise I know I can deliver on,
a kiss to burn his memory forever.
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Poem ID: 85439   Poem Posted: 12/31/2006
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