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Hearts Awakening
by Lisa K Fredregill

On a day such as this when sunshine begins to rise upon us
And the night-time of enchanting stars leave, for a time faded,
I fumble in the hue of morning, outstretch my hand to touch you
I am taken in by this moment in time with thoughts of just you and me
And the love that willingly seeded itself inside both of us
Bound together, it is a love full of song for one another to nurture
We encircle each other's world through each day's passing
There it can still be found sharing the same existence 
within our hearts
Within a halo of unity it gathers all the precious things 
only life can bring
As we greet each day, together hand in hand, 
bringing with it a soft freshness
Awakening us to find reasons anew 
to fall in love all over again and again
As the summer's warm afternoon sun shifts aimlessly among the clouds
The air vividly wisps by our shoulders 
with its gentle voice of touch
Singing to you and me, a love song of joy 
emitting all the scents of life
Often it is love that helps us 
recognize the abundance of compassion that we possess
Bringing forth forgotten feelings 
that in time may become lost in a hidden cascade
Reacquainting wisdom to the mind 
to open our hearts for the other to find shelter
As the day slowly unfolds all of its passion for life 
within one another's eyes
Blossomed, it has become the seed to grow 
and become an unconditional love
For it to unfold into our arms 
for what is now caring giving loving and needing
The essence of what true love is 
in sharing a lifetime with the one who holds your soul
To be awakened with the sun arising 
and to gaze at the enchanting stars approaching
To dream and be loved  
be loved and to dream with the other one that is your heart
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Poem ID: 12124   Poem Posted: 3/12/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Lisa K Fredregill  all rights reserved by the author.
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