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by Samantha  Mangerson

I sit silently looking through my pictures,
seeing me friends, me, you, and then him.
I hadn?t forgotten but just not remembered.
He was my first love.

I was young...did not know what love was.
Was it a fairy tale? A story? A feeling?
You tried to explain it but could not show it.
Remember, HE was my first love.

I did not understand...I watched couples,
who were deeply in love but could not think,
of anything but him!  People would try to
talk to me but all that I would see was him.

Walking towards me...I would see people.
All that was on my mind was him,
Nothing else mattered. Me and him had moments
Together not forgotten by either of us.

I wasn?t concentrating on school, my friends,
or family... just him!  Was he my imagination?
He was so perfect...
Well... not perfect, but oh, well!

Then one day he broke my heart
and told me I would never understand...
?Understand what?? I asked.
?Love? is all he said.

I don?t understand love 
because no one ever showed me 
just how to be in love.
I want to understand so badly.
Just show me love please!

?I can?t? he said.
?I must go now!?
And he left me,
with just one last, long kiss!
To remember!

I was crying as I stared 
at that picture of him.
Never knowing exactly what love was!
No one could ever show me now!

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder.
I turned around and saw you!
?This is love!?
Is all you said.
As you wiped my tears away!

You had watched me with him all the way.
And noticed I had fallen in love without knowing it.
But to this day I thank him for showing me!
I was young...did not know what love was.
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Poem ID: 24767   Poem Posted: 12/13/1999
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Copyright , 12-1-99, Samantha Mangerson  all rights reserved by the author.
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