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Eclipse of Venus
by Norman Dean VanPelt

I loved so much,
 the feel of your touch.
It's you I adore,
 sorry I was a bore.
Gave you my heart and soul,
 guess it made me lose control.
Thought I was in never-never land,
 turned out to be a desert of desolate sand.
I couldn't give as much as I recieved,
 sorry I wasn' what you believed.
I really tried to keep us going,
 I should have asked instead of knowing.
Knew it all, that's what I thought,
 knew nothing at all, I've been taught.
Court jester, and class clown,
 all I've loved, I've let down.
I've given my life,
 received nothing but strife.
Then came you,
 like a light from above.
A guardian angel,
 to hold and to love.

Felt the exquisit,
 touch of love.
You were my venus,
 my goddess of love.
Now venus has eclipsed,
 concealed by mars.
The planet of anger,
 hate and scars.
Mars needs healed,
 so does hate.
Anger and fear,
 they all relate.
Love is the cure for all the above.
 to recreate intimacy, and feelings of love.
The universe is filled with planets and stars,
 just as the heavens are filled with angels of love.
Live in hell, no love from above
 found heaven on earth, peace and love.
That is gone now, back to hell
 where no other angels dwell.
You know what hell's like, I've been there too
 but it's nothing compared to what I've been through.
Your happiness is all that matters
 if you're happier, happier without me.
Then let it be, you can be happier,
 happier than me.
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Poem ID: 14545   Poem Posted: 5/7/1999
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Copyright , 5-22-96, Norman Dean VanPelt  all rights reserved by the author.
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