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Till' Sweet November
by david  halstead

Your lips taste as wine, as ours touch
Slightly pressed, not too much
My tongue wraps around yours and we embrace
Massaging each others' with such grace
My hand glides over your sensual cheek
Tensing your body causing you to feel weak.
I move to your neck, I feel you squirm
You grab my neck and pull me firm.
We move in for another pleasurable kiss
Looking for the stars in her eyes, 
I stroke her hair to see what I will miss
I must go
You look back at me nodding your head
Hinting to me to go up to the bed.
I try to refrain from doing so
Yet your eyes give off that glimmering glow
I am awfully hesitant in my ways,
I proceed due to that I will not see her for many days.
We journey up to the second floor
Kissing and caressing just a little more.
I tell myself, I must go
I lie you to the sheets and gaze at your astonishing beauty
Turn quickly to see the clock read two-thirty
I turn back, your body wrapped in fine, silky lace
You hold my hand and kiss my face.
You unbutton my shirt and I undo yours also
But baby I think it is time I must go
Licking and blowing across your chest
I feel at home, I feel at rest.
I tell myself, I must go
Your body becomes erect as does mine
Our chance at love will come another time.
I can not go on anymore, I say 
I must go on and leave today.
My darling I hope to come back and see you here
Please my darling, have no fear.
My plane departs in less than an hour
Let me savor this final devour.
I love you always and true
I love you, you know I do.
Wait for me, I will be back
A promise is a promise, I will come back
Goodbye for now, but not forever. 
I shall see you in sweet November.
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Poem ID: 64367   Poem Posted: 8/26/2001
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