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Seeking True Love
by Mark Anthony Smith

     It's obivous about two things on this planet
     We were born to celebrate and reproduce life
                  And the other is
     To sacrifice life and perish under the sunset
 But somewhere in between this journey is something valuable
              Which by the way is missing...
                 Do you know what it is?
                And if so, where is it...
                      Is it money?
      No,because you can get that anywhere and anytime
                If you work hard for it
                      Is it sex?
      No, because you can get that anywhere or anytime
              Especially if your game is tight...
                       Give up...
                        I do...
        So let me tell you what I think it is...
           The obivous thing that's missing is
             Let's go through it right quick
   You can get anything and go anywhere with whomever you want
          Then you can sleep with whomever you want
                      But you see
              Love is real and from the heart
                     True Love that is...
       I know we as people give our love to our parents
                and the person you're with...
        But true love is something everyone yearns for
     See you can be with someone for 10 to 20 years and
                    be in love with them
            But deep down inside of your heart
      You desire to be with the one that truly touches
                        your heart
            Someone who brings out the best in you
                     That's true love....
           So while you're still among the living
               You need to search your heart 
                  for the one who has it
                Because time is running out
               And death is around the corner
        So seek and enjoy the true love of your life
                        once again...
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Poem ID: 43411   Poem Posted: 8/19/2000
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Copyright , 28 April 2000,  all rights reserved by the author.
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