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Who could love him, but I?
by Amy BB 51199 

The first to love him
The first to be given love by him
Watching and loving him all this time
Who could love him, but I?

The look of sadness
The look of joy
The look when in deep thought
Who could know him, but I?

The pain in his eyes
The excitement, forgiveness
The look of love
Who could see it, but I?

The food he loves to eat
The way he likes it made
The food that makes him cringe
Who could remember, but I?

The way he sings, the songs he likes
The cute little voices
His choice of words
Who would listen, but I?

The expression on his face
When upset, happy
When confused, sorry
Who could memorize, but I?

Who knows the way he needs to be held?
Who knows his most ticklish spots?
Who knows the scars, the bumps, the bruises?
Who knows what size clothing he wears?
Who knows, but I?

All of these things- his qualities, 
everything that makes him, "him"
I know deep within my heart
They will stay for that one day
When he will realize...
Who could love him, but I?
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Poem ID: 32728   Poem Posted: 5/18/2000
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Copyright , May 2000, Amy BB 51199  all rights reserved by the author.
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