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Baby Please Don't Walk Away
by Vincent Paul Gonzales

Because in my heart I'm dying.
How my pain is throbbing.
How my life's demeaning.
Since the day you went away,
My whole life has been so gray,
I can not laugh,
I can not sigh?
All I want to do, is lay right down and die.
The pain, is too intense,
So, to others, I build this fence
To block away my sorrow
And hide away my pain
But, oh how slowly
Do I become so dang insane.
My sorrow and misery oh, so intense,
My heart never had a effective defense.
I fell for you
And you for me?
Our love should have lasted for all of eternity
But, it didn't.
For another, you fell?
Sending my lonely heart into an endless fiery hell.
Take away my sorrow,
Wash away my tears?
I can not love another,
When my heart still lingers here.
Give me back my heart, 
Please don't throw it all away,
I loved you so completely,
Baby, please don't walk away.
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Poem ID: 8855   Poem Posted: 11/6/1998
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Copyright , 11-2-98, Vincent Paul Gonzales  all rights reserved by the author.
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