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But a moment too late . . .
by Jimmy D. Freeman

You had her once, forever and more, 
You let her go, you shut that door. 
You see her still, that smile, those eyes, 
You know she will yearn for other guys. 

Second chances you took for granted, 
What died were those seeds you planted, 
The flower of love that was finally in bloom, 
Has withered and given way to gloom. 

Your mind and heart you no longer trust, 
In the mirror you gaze in utter disgust, 
Not only did you let that love die, 
But you had your chance for a second try. 

As time goes on, true love is lost, 
The fights are forgotten, like the melted frost. 
The memories of joy are what remain, 
They begin to stab, they cause much pain. 

Your heart, it bleeds, 
Your soul, it needs, 
Your spirit, it cries out for only 

In life there is no second go, 
You get one shot, one chance to grow, 
You don't get what you want, 
But should want what you get.

And you won't live like me, 
forever trapped in regret . . .
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Poem ID: 48425   Poem Posted: 10/23/2000
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Copyright , 10/09/2000, Jimmy D. Freeman  all rights reserved by the author.
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