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The weird girl
by DarK|nA  Satriani

She was a kind and pretty little girl 
without any problems and nothing to think about. 
But then he came...taking all those nice things. 
She fell in love, gave him her heart and her body, 
and as the time past, her love grew bigger. 
What would happen if he told her the truth? 
That truth that would hurt her a lot, 
that hurt that won't cure that fast 
'cause of that big love that she feels for him.

At that time she was a little baby; she made mistakes 
and the first one was falling in love of him. 
He told her that all he wanted was fun,
that for him, her pain didn't matter, not a bit. 
At that moment, she thinks, what a basterd! 
What will she do now? Keep on living 
or take away forever the suffering that she'll have from now on? 

This is not the biggest thing that has happened in her life. 
Her heart was broken, had broken into tears, 
tear that weren't secreted that fast, 
those secretions that showed her to learn from life, 
learn of her own mistakes, 
those mistakes that each day she'll be making, 
but if she makes them once she will not make them twice.

And as she grew up, she got more and more mature 
and this is how she thought:
Is this all I'm paying for not being loved?
Is this all I deserve, suffering?
Suffering that is being cured with hate, 
that hate that will be rounding in my head forever, 
but not like a big thing, only like a insignificant thing.

Only to know that he could know that my heart is not that big enough
because of his insignificant knowleage.
Thanks to him I've learned a lot from life, 
things I was not expecting to learn, 
things that made me realize that real love 
isn't the first thing that you see. 
It's what you feel from the botton of your heart 
with the passing of the time.
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Poem ID: 71217   Poem Posted: 6/25/2002
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