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What if it were today?
by   Snugglebug

If I were to tell you today 
That my life were coming to its end
What would you do differently?

Would you...
Ask me about my dreams and wishes?
Take time to give precious hugs and kisses?
Surprise me with romantic thoughts?
Bring me flowers you just bought?
Take me away to secret places?
Make me laugh with silly faces?

Would you...
Get to know me better?
Write me beautiful love letters?
Pour out your heart and bear your soul?
Tell me how I make you whole?
Do things with me that are fun?
Make me feel like I'm "the one?"

Or would you...
Love me more with all your heart?
Tell me we'll try never to part?
Dry my tears when I am sad?
Calm me down if I got mad?
Snuggle with me, hold my hand?
Make sure I know that you're my man?

I am not dying right away
But bit by bit from day to day.
These things I mentioned we should do,
I'll start today and you can too.
Because we will not live forever
And the time we spend together
Should be reflective to each other
That we deeply care for one another.
Because, Warren, I love you so
And I hope, somehow, this poem shows
My deepest wishes, hopes and thoughts
That I would like to see
I'll try my best to do them for you
And I'll hope you will do them for me.

Warren, I know we haven't gotten along like we should have 
but I hope we can start trying more. Let's make those 
two weeks...forever. I love you sweetheart! Always, April
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Poem ID: 47015   Poem Posted: 10/2/2000
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Copyright , 9/29/2000, Snugglebug  all rights reserved by the author.
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