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by Mick  Goodson

The light lay ahead
but I waited until the dawn
I was pensive about returning
if our love was still there ? or gone.

She was kind, as always she was
speaking in soft tones, gentle, smiling,
her smile penetrated me to my core
and for a moment i began spiraling.
We lay outside under an olive branch 
she bathed my body and feet, 
She dressed all my many wounds
I grew strong again within her heat. 

She whispered - 
'do you return for the power and the glory?
do you return for what you have missed?
do you return for life's sweet spices?
or do you return to steal my last kiss?'

I replied ? 
'i am here for the hope of forgiveness;
i am here for your love i once lost;
i am here for the hours all wasted;
i am here to repent such a cost.'

We sat together in silence 
birds and clouds filled the heavy sky
our hands were warm as they touched
and hope grew for one last try.

She kissed my eyes and forgave me
all my fears faded as i held her.
i felt safe for i knew i was home.
There came a light and a gentle shower
we hardly noticed...
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Poem ID: 89344   Poem Posted: 5/12/2017
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