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by Zandra Sade' Mackey

I know you don't believe me but what I tell you is true
I'll never be with another as long as I'm with you.
I'll never disrespect you, when you're not around
I'll always be faithful to you, I'll be just how you found me.
Never will I tell you something that I know is a lie
'Cause I want to be forever yours and that's the thing I can't deny.
All I ask is that you feel the same for me as I do for you,
Then we will be together and in life we'll see each other through.

I love to love you and I hope you love me also
'Cause it takes two to make this thing work and help our love grow.
Promises are meant to be kept and never should be broken
They always have a meaning and aren't just words being spoken.
There's no one in this world that can ever have my heart
And hopefully nothing anyone says will ever pull us apart.
I'm gonna be with you as long as you're with me, 
this promise I will keep.

True to this love and always true to you 
'cause your loving makes me weak.
Together for a long time is what we always say,
I just hope our words can withstand the trials endure everyday.
Just be here for me in my times of need and I will be for you, 
Be everything I need to be 'cause I feel this love is real.
Please believe me when I say these things 
'cause what I tell you is true,
My love will always be the same... 
this I promise you.
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Poem ID: 83450   Poem Posted: 6/28/2006
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Copyright , October 2005, Zandra Sade' Mackey  all rights reserved by the author.
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