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Computer Love
by Jorge  Campos

I never imagined 
what a box could do,
It actually made me 
fall in love with you.

It all started 
because I was bored,
I decided to buy this box, 
so I went to the store.

I saw your sweet name, 
so I had to chat,
We didn't quit for hours, 
we just typed and sat.

I sent you my pic to
prove I won't lie,
I was so nervous while 
waiting for your reply.

You said my dimples 
were cute, and I was fine,
I was flattered  
But convinced it was a line.

Yyou sent me a pix  
just seconds later,
I saw you and said to myself,
"I'm gonna date her."

I'm from SF,
and you're from NY,
but I don't care, 
all I have to do is fly.

We set a date 
for us to meet,
a whole weekend together 
filled with heat.

I went to the restaurant 
after I flew,
sitting at the table,
I saw sweet, beautiful you.

We hit it off quickly 
and had smiles all night,
I stared at you...
what a beautiful sight.

The weekend ended 
and I had to leave,
we set our next date 
for New Year's Eve.

This time it's your 
turn to come over here,
I will wine, dine and 
romanticize you, my dear.

We continue to talk 
through this box every day,
it's computer love I feel,
I know you feel the same way.
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Poem ID: 18936   Poem Posted: 8/6/1999
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Copyright , 6/28/99, Jorge Campos  all rights reserved by the author.
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