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My Baby Through Time
by Ashley E. Loper

You came into my life in a January winter, yes you walked by my way,
I stole a glance, I stopped and stared, 
and suddenly the icy raw January felt like sunny May.
I should have controlled my feelings, I should have pushed them away,
but right then and there I knew you were destined to be my baby.
Your deep brown eyes made me melt, your muscular body made me gasp,
I was at a loss for words when you stepped into the class.
Your little-boy smile filled my heart, 
your bright-eyed humor was so kind,
I will always love you, you're my baby through time.
You're my cherished moment in every figment image, 
you're the Kodak moment in every picture I take,

You are the secretive dream I fancy every night, 
I think of your smiling face every moment I'm awake.
The class without you is so empty, the image is so bleak.
I walk down these empty halls seeking your presence week after week.
The school seems so dismal now, my life feels so bare,
I know I should just let you go, I know I shouldn't care.
Yes, it may just be infatuation, it may not be true love,
I don't really know for sure, I need a sign from above.
Help me to move on, please somebody don't leave me there.
I want to laugh and smile again, I want not to have a care.
I know this may seem silly to you, it may seems like teenager's trite,
But you don't know what it's like for me when you are not in sight.
I want to move on, to feel past the pain of care,
Why did you have to leave, why did you point and stare?
This ordeal I'm getting through, yes it has been tough,
I want you to know that no matter where you go in life, 
you will always have my love.

Dedicated to Mr. Nathan Elliott, my 9th grade student teacher. 
I love you and always will. 
You are a wonderful person and a good friend. 
I will never forget the laughter and jokes. 
You are my special person.
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Poem ID: 15765   Poem Posted: 6/7/1999
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Copyright , June 6 1999, Ashley Elizabeth Loper  all rights reserved by the author.
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