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Nothing more
by Ruchita  Chand

You said we might be together soon
             laying beneath the warmth of the blue moon.
	You won my heart right away
	passionately and emotionally in your own way.
	 What was I thinking
    	 every piece of my heart  was sinking.
    	 You said you loved me with all your heart,
we both didn?t knew the truth from the start.
	We both felt joy and happiness
 but now I am  the one living with sadness.
We met in a small public room,
our  love grew from there too soon.

As time passed with new seasons 
we never saw each other?s vision.
Suddenly you told me loved another one rather than me
Tears ruined my face but you couldn?t see.
Things between us got tough from the news
but I had nothing more to loose.

	Even if  we both had loved each-other
	luck wouldn?t  have taken us further.
	You lived too far from me
	I couldn?t  fondle in your arms
	I wanted  to be with you and free
	just like a normal girl with no harms.

  	We both vanished for a while,
	never had a chance to see each-others smile.
	You did stopped being a nice guy.
	When did we missed saying hi?

	I know you weren?t shy,
	so many times you  tried to lie.
	I chatted with some one else.
	It was friendship and nothing more
	certainly you did heard rumors that were false.
           Why would I  break our relation for?.

	I couldn?t stop loving you
 no one could be like you but only few.
My love for you is still true.
But you sure did made me blue.

Nothing was to happen to us
both of us wanted to rush.
We promised to wait for each other ,
before you didn?t said why bother.

As time passed by
you  too were in a hurry to say goodbye.
It had been so long 
our love was almost strong.
Or shall I   just call it a new love?
This time ,this problem we both can?t solve.

You haven?t walked out of my dream.
How could I yell or scream?.
Back then I didn?t know
now, in my mind memories of you still flow.

I couldn?t do anything
but I tried everything.
You did nothing.
Our love was something.
Why was I the only one trying?
All these time why were you lying?

I was a fool to fall for you so easily.
I liked you mentally and physically.
You said we will never meet in our life
yes indeed you were right.

Without your words my sky isn?t bright
I don?t  feel all right.
It wasn?t a love in a first sight.
We did  started with small fight.

I wanted us to be something
but at the end you left me nothing.
Have I lost this game
and do we feel the same?

I am left with a broken promise 
and without a goodbye kiss.
You are the one I miss.
If we start again we have nothing to risk.!
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Poem ID: 1163   Poem Posted: 2/2/1998
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Copyright , 2-2-98,  all rights reserved by the author.
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