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Friends maybe
by Jocelyn Clare McMahon

You gave me the speech "let's be friends"
and maybe later on we'll try again
How hard my heart dropped
but the feelings never stopped
From a distance I stood and admired
with my heart filled with regret and desire
Being even afraid to speak to you
in case you already knew
That my crushed heart was there
I'm beginning to think, would you even care?
Everything I do, I stop to see if  you're looking
when you're not my face stops blushing
Sometimes I feel your eyes glances upon my skin
but move so fast our eyes don't cling
When I see you coming I walk the other way
In case you stopped, what would I say?
Maybe hey, you were right
and that would explain why I can't sleep at night
I occasionally dream of what you'd be like
but then I remember you played me for a joke
My love can speak oh so many words
but only once can my heart burn
No matter how much I love and miss you
I have to wake up from my dreams 
and realize they don't come true
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Poem ID: 31503   Poem Posted: 5/1/2000
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Copyright , 20/4/00, Jocelyn Clare McMahon  all rights reserved by the author.
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