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Let Me Slip Away
by Catherine  Michels

These conflicting feelings
In the corner of my mind
Are beginning to tear at my skin
My selfish misery is slowly killing me

Where did I go wrong?
I ponder this as I pull my hair
And strangle my worthless thoughts
I?m losing my mind once again

I fall to my knees
And pray to God
That I can find myself
And stop pushing away everyone who gets too close

It?s happening again
What?s wrong with me?
I feel so lost in my own life
Like a stranger to humanity

I drown my fears in useless memories
As my eyes well up with tears
My hopeless negativity
Is my only glimpse at reality

I finally got what I wanted
Only to waste it on foolishness
I stare blankly at these four walls
It feels like a part of me is gone

I am only me
Can you honestly blame me for feeling this way?
I don?t know where to run to anymore
Because everyone I turn to is fake

There is only one thing I know
I am real
I wish you could have stuck around
For the happy ending

My life is nowhere near a fairytale today
I only wish you could hear my thoughts
Maybe then you would realize
How vindicated my soul truly is

I am seeing in me now
The things you swore you saw yourself
I just hope this stupid piece of paper
Makes you see how torn I am

I?m slipping off the edge now
I tried and failed once more
Apologies are never good enough
Just let me slip away

Put me in the back of your mind
Because I know you will
I am nothing to you
But someone you thought you knew
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Poem ID: 86074   Poem Posted: 2/23/2007
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