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The Power of Love
by Virginia  Wonder

"Opposites attract," I've heard people say
I've come to learn that this is true in a way
There are two sides to everything
including this world in which we are living
Next comes one boy and one girl
who are more precious than any diamond or pearl
The boy dreams of finding true love and holding hands
but he doesn't know that she lives on far away lands
The girl wishes on a star that someday she will ride
   off into the sunset with the man of her dreams
but she doesn't know that he lives across some oceans
                    and some seas
From two different sides
they both have homeland pride
From two different backgrounds
they both love the outdoors and nature sounds
Then comes one of the greatest 20th century inventions
He wanted to find true love, she wanted a friend
           These were their intensions
It was a five minute chat on the internet
This is how one boy and one girl met
He said he loved her
In that instant he had stolen her heart for sure
She knew that he was the man of her dreams,
            and it was true love
She then realized that God sent him to her because of
   her countless wishes on the wishing star above
And when she said, "I love you too,"
she had stolen his heart and that, all along, is what
    he had always wanted his one true love to do
He is from a country called Oman, and she is from the
                    United States
Two years later and they still have to wait
They both still dream of holding hands
while they walk on the sand
Even though they are still separated by land and sea
they hold on to each other's hearts and truly believe
  that someday they will meet and their "you and me"
               will instantly become "we"
They vow always and forever
To find someone else, never
A little farm and a yard full of kids is what she now
                    wishes to have
He is kind and sensitive, and she knows that he will 
                    be a great dad
When they are face to face
they will be inseparable from each other's embrace
When they will meet, only time can tell
And when they are in each other's arms, they will
   know the difference between heaven and hell
Both sides of this world that we are living in
      are filled with war, hatred, and sin
But there is a simple cure for this
With lots of caring and love, it is hell we will
                    not miss
Love is a taste of heaven that everyone longs to find
and it is hell that this one boy and one girl will
                    leave behind
It is the taste of heaven that leaves them longing
                      for more
And because they have shared their love and given away
  their hearts, they are now free from sin, hatred, 
                     and the war

This in not just a story of one boy and one girl, but 
it is also a story of what love can really do.  A 
little love is bigger than the longest war.  While 
war kills millions of innocent people and is described
as hell, love is a simple cure that will destroy hell,
and it is described as heaven.  So give a little love,
accept a little love, and someday love will conquer 
hate all over the world.  Some describe this as World
Peace, but I will always consider it love.  If we
could ever achieve what some describe as World Peace,
it would only be because of this little thing that I
found described as love.  Love is the smallest and
easiest thing to give, and it leaves you with the
biggest, most incredible feeling that anyone could
ever experience.  With love there is peace, and with
peace there is happiness.  It is wrong to preach to
others about what to believe in, but who really believes
in war?  I think no one does.  Who really wants to die
from anything besides natural causes?  I think no one
does.  Who really wants to kill?  I think no one does.
War and hate do not have to exist, if everybody could
just give up wanting more power and wanting to be better
than everybody else.  When there is love there is no hate,
when there is peace there is happiness, and when there is
happiness no one cares about more power.  Instead, they
become kind, caring, and sensitive human beings who care
about more than just themselves.  When we can see past
everyone's differences and be friends, then everyone will
be happy and feel loved.  This is what we need to become
a better world.  It is wrong to try and convert other 
people to believe a different religion than you so that
you can help conquer other religions, but it is ok to
preach love so that together we can conquer hate and 
make it last forever.

Virginia+Faham=Living Together
                In Happiness
               For All Eternity
                Because Ahbek
                   And You
                 Love Me Too
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Poem ID: 68730   Poem Posted: 3/5/2002
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Copyright , February 26, 2002, Virginia Wonder  all rights reserved by the author.
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