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Will Anybody Ever Love Me?
by Sherry Lee Chessor

She was a lonely little child,
Not raised by her mother.
Dirt poor and in rags,
Thank God for her grandmother.
Her own family would tease her,
Looked at her like she was dirt.
She would just stand there crying,
In her ragged little skirt.
Does anybody want me?
I just have to know.
Will anybody ever love me?
I really need somebody so.
Each morning she would iron a dress,
At the time she owned just two.
Still trying to look her best,
When she went off to school.
But when she went to school each day,
Things went from bad to worse.
The girls would point and giggle,
She started thinking she was cursed.
The school just brought her heartache,
So she found a job instead.
Hoping things would be different,
The dream of love still in her head.
Does anybody want me?
I just have to know.
Will anybody ever love me?
I really need somebody so.
One evening while she was out,
?The Texan,? walked in the room.
He melted in her beauty,
Soon they became, ?Bride and Groom.?
But her youth had still haunted her,
So much damage from the past.
Still wondering if she was really loved,
The marriage fell apart at last.
She never saw her beauty,
The love she didn?t feel.
But I have an answer for her
And Mom, this is real.
Mom, I really need you,
No matter how things go.
Mom, I really love you,
I just wanted you to know.
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Poem ID: 83217   Poem Posted: 6/7/2006
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