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Don't understand
by Stephanie  Paguada

Why fall in love with someone who just plays games with your heart? 
You told me the way she treated you and the pain she put you through, 
And how you know the truth about what she did with that other guy, 
And how she still plays games with your heart.
You told me how every night you cried yourself to sleep 
and that you just wanted to die.

I saw how you took her back so many times and every time you took 
Her back she just tore your heart up once again.
Then one night, you said you were done and you were going to move on.
I was so happy, thinking that this was no lie, but it was.

Now, you tell me you want to win her back, 
So I ask myself, why you are willing to put yourself back
Into so much pain, into so much misery once again, when you know 
That she is just playing games.
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Poem ID: 81776   Poem Posted: 8/19/2005
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Copyright , 6/17/05, Stephanie Paguada  all rights reserved by the author.
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