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What is Love
by Marlo  Colson

What is love I'd really like to know;  is it something 
I look for or does it find me?  Is it something I share 
or a cross to bear?  Have I ever really known it, and if 
I have do I own it?  Is is something you feed or 
something you need?  I thought I knew it once or twice, 
but then I saw the asking price.  Is it something for sale 
or just a fairy tale? Is it something to fear or do 
I want it near?  Whatever it is, we all seem to want it, 
but when we have it, it gets taken for granted.  I think
love is black or maybe it's white, someday I'll discover 
but not tonight. What is love, I'd really like to know, 
can someone tell me or do I have to be shown?  Does it come 
with instructions or is it 'assemble at home'?
Maybe it's a fantasy or feeling or idea, I wish it was all 
just so crystal clear.  Maybe love has no meaning at all, 
or it's something so high and destined to fall.  Do you 
want it?  Can I have it?  Will you take it?  
Here you go.  What is love, I'd really like to know.
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Poem ID: 47170   Poem Posted: 10/3/2000
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Copyright , 9/28/00, Marlo Colson  all rights reserved by the author.
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