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Platinumized KilgoRe
by Jimmy  KiD RoCk

Raw matter, cypress flexing, flesh eating freak
Indescribable, irrestible LoVe In the Air,
Freak on a leash, ugly dismantled human I am,
Knocked me off my crutches, so I cannot stand.
Backstabbed me, and kicked me when I was down.
No support for me, and made me land hard on the ground.
Step aside, its my turn to talk the talk.
Ruined my conscience, and messed up my walk.
Finish line was close as can be,
Deconstructed, wasted, and without a life you left me.
My love for you never was and never will be.
Left me in angst, left me under pressure... all this for jealousy?
Portrayed a life you didn't even mean.
Walking on the same side, or with me, you didn't want to be seen.
Arrogant, and flamboyant, living a life that you should.
You only wanted your mind to be clear.
Paranoia, roughing with me.
All in revenge and a trial of distmantling my glee.
All in all, is what I am!
Raped, and took everything from me, left me without a stand.
I understand why you did what you did.
Broke on through to the other side,
Left me in the dark, and made me hide.
Lies, betryals, and friends no more...
You're just another creation of Nature's whore!
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Poem ID: 9718   Poem Posted: 1/4/1999
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Copyright , 99, Jimmy KiD RoCk  all rights reserved by the author.
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