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Finally Over You
by Stacey P Wilson

I don't know what time it is
And I don't even care
Today I don't want to do a thing
Except look at the walls and stare.

People are so busy doing nothing
That they end up missing everything
Yet doing nothing's such a hard thing to do
Especially while I'm crying and trying
To finally get over you.

I gave you everything I had to give
I knew I'd love you as long as I lived
But my heart's not as easy to come by now
You've got to prove that you know how
To treat me.

It's a wonder people fall in love any more
When so many hearts have been broken before
I'm not the first one to travel down this road
Mine's not the first heart to have a heavy load.

It's only in knowing that you never really know
That you finally can let go and live
It's only in knowing you can't control life
That you really learn how to give
To another.

We are only our souls living through flesh and skin
Trying to find the answer, searching again and again
But for a heart to ever find love and win
All that you need is to look from within
Your heart.

It took me awhile to hold my head high
Before I felt I could really get by
Sometimes it would take all that I could do
But now I can say I'm finally over you.

I'm finally over you.
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Poem ID: 32253   Poem Posted: 5/11/2000
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Copyright , 1996, Stacey Pemberton Wilson  all rights reserved by the author.
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