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What Was Mine To Start
by The  Gypsy

I know you think you have the power
To crush me like some fragile flower
To watch my petals fall away
With deeds you do and words you say

I let you have that power so long
Because I felt a love so strong
That no price seemed too high to pay
To make you say that you would stay

But even power has its cost
If only you knew what you lost
The day I chose to take it back
But still you still seem to have a knack

For seeing only what you choose
You love to win ... you hate to lose
Is what you won still worth the price?
I paid once ... but you'll pay twice

Once for taking what I gave
I let you think I was your slave
Because I knew it pleased you so
To think that I could not say, "no"

And once for all the things you lost
That made you really worth the cost
You let the darkness have your soul
That bargain put you in the hole

But power given once received
Is never lost .... I was deceived
The choice was always mine to make
Of what I gave or let you take

But still you just don't get it... do you?

You still think you have that power
And that I'm still that fragile flower
Well, guess what baby? ... You're behind
What you still have- it's in YOUR mind

I took it back as I got stronger
You don't have it any longer
I figured out I had the choice
You just refuse to hear my voice

This voice that speaks so clear and true
That when it finally dawns on you
You should have listened to my voice
You'll realize I used my choice

To take back what was mine to start
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Poem ID: 24801   Poem Posted: 1/16/2000
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Copyright , January 5, 1999, Jackie Newport  all rights reserved by the author.
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