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My Best Friend
by David Norman Rushing

      Dear friend,
You are always there for me,
     coaxing me to heights greater than I thought possible.
Never letting me quit and never giving up on me,
     even if I want to give up on myself.
And especially when I want to stop growing 
     and just stand still.
You light a firestorm in my soul 
     that inspires me to reach for the stars.
And sometimes, when you are beside me,
     I think I almost can!
When I'm down, you lift my spirits.
     When I'm wrong, you gently help me to see.
You're always supporting me, always loving me.
     Enveloping me in your warmth, 
     and showering me with your devotion.
What would I do without you?  How could I go on?
     I couldn't, of course.

Yes, always behind me with your enduring strength,
     you show me how much you care.
With determined faith in my goals 
     and steadfast confidence in my abilities,
     you celebrate my achievements with unbridled joy.
Courageous, always fearless and unselfish, always giving.
     What would my life be without you?
Empty, of course.
     And it's those little things that you do, too,
          that are so special to me.
Those looks, those touches that tell me 
     I am your only one
    and you'll always be there.
I wanted to tell you I know how much you love me.
     You're my very Best Friend.
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Poem ID: 22161   Poem Posted: 11/4/1999
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Copyright , 1999, David Norman Rushing  all rights reserved by the author.
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