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Why Do We Often Speak...
by Morgan L. Vaughn

Why do we so often speak of love and lust
Of torture and heartbreak, loyalty and trust?
Is there a force within us that calls out love's name
Pretending to be Cupid with his bow & arrow aimed?
Does thou not realize the true power that lies within this--
The power of true love, of one's gentle kiss?
For true love is a hoax, an unspeakable flirt
Always looking for someone new- it can hurt.
Love consumes lives within its powerful flame
Burning our hearts leaving heads hung in shame.
For we the people are trusting, 
Never doubting Love's cunning tools
Only in the end to fall victim--becoming Love's fools.
We open our hearts surrendering our bodies and minds
Becoming devoured in Love's wrath--growing blind.
So people of the world, heed my warning well,
When you surrender your heart to Love's enchanting spell
Make sure you choose wisely, or do not choose at all-
For mistaking one who loves you 
Could make you the Fool after all.
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Poem ID: 46717   Poem Posted: 9/28/2000
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Copyright , Sept. 22, 2000,  all rights reserved by the author.
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