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So Many Things...
by Cate  Haggland

There are so many things I want to thank you for
And when I think I have thought of them all, I suddenly think of more.

So here is a list of some things, just a few
To let you know a little, about what I think of you.

I guess a good place to start is your lips, sweet and soft to the touch
When pressed against mine no words are spoken, yet they say so much.

Then we could go to your hands, that are so gentle and so kind
When you brush them against me, it sends chills down my spine.

Continuing on with your heart, so sensitive yet so tough
You always give me your time and understanding, when I need it so much.

Then there are your ears, that listen to me every day
No matter if I'm happy or crying, you hear what I have to say.

Next there is your humor, and all your silly jokes
You can always make me smile or laugh, just when I need it the most.

I must also mention your honesty, I know you'll never lie
You always make me so happy, it makes me want to cry.

Then there are your strong arms, with which you gently wrap me up tight
I wish I could stay in them forever, away from all harm and fright.

Now there is your patience with me, that seems to have no end
And I love you for the fact that I can call you my best friend

Then there are your eyes, that can see deep within my heart
I know that we'll always be together, that we'll never have to part.

I think you are so cute, in every little way
There is a million and one more things that I could still say.

But I have one more thing that I will leave you with
It will just take some simple arithmetic...

You + Me, and add in some 'Forever'
And that = a lifetime we can share together.
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Poem ID: 29213   Poem Posted: 4/2/2000
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Copyright , February 2000, Cate Haggland  all rights reserved by the author.
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