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by   Skye De Espuar

 I can't believe you did this to me. 
 Our love was to last a lifetime and more.  
 You said we would be together forever... but I guess 
 that was just too long. You walked into my life 
 on that day in July, and walked out on a day in June. 
 I am sorry if I wasn't good enough. I am sorry if 
 I wasn't pretty. I only wish that you'll come back to me. 
 I lay awake nights and wonder... if you ever think of me. 
 And days are harder than ever before... because then 
 I can't escape the memories... lying close to you 
 and never letting go... but then you found another, 
 who wasn't quite as dull. Who wasn't quite as naive. 
 Yet she wasn't quite as strong. I dream that when 
 you take her in your arms, you like to think it's me... 
 when you look at her when she sleeps, you see my face instead. 
 So if you ever come back to me... and say that you need me, 
 forever, I will have to ask... for a betrayer ... 
 how long is forever??
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Poem ID: 39606   Poem Posted: 7/19/2000
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Copyright , 1997, Skye De Espuar  all rights reserved by the author.
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