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Not Again
by Beth Lyndsey Harding

Late at night,
As I'm lying down to sleep
I think of you
How I wish I could hold you
Hold you one more time
Our two bodies pressed together
Us entangled to stay warm

I feel your hand rubbing my back
Your warm breath on my neck
Slowly we begin to kiss
This feels so right 
Yet so wrong
Cautiously I pull away

You ask what's wrong
I can't do it, not now, not again
Why?  It didn't bother you before
Yeah, but before you were going to give me a second chance
Yeah, maybe I still will
Now, I know I was just being played, I'm sorry
Me, too

I get up and get dressed
You do the same
We go downstairs
Everything feels so different
Yet it's the same
I realize I told you what I wanted
I decide now I can leave

As I walk out the door, you stop me
You say, "Goodbye, my love"
Tears fill my eyes
I give you a peck on the cheek
"Goodbye," I say as I walk out into the frosty air

It's been a week, you still haven't called
I'm left only with memories
Good ones, yet bad
Knowing I was being used
But not caring at all
"Good-bye, my love, I will always love you."
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Poem ID: 31889   Poem Posted: 5/8/2000
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Copyright , 4/13/00, Beth Lyndsey Harding  all rights reserved by the author.
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