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SerpEnts Love is Intoxicated
by Jimmy  KiD RoCk

Stepping stone to life I want...
Being with you Viv, is what I've sought.
Indescribable, zestly smell of your hair,
Left me speechless, and only with a stare.
I'll do whatever it takes to make you smile;
Walk the most painful, tortured, and excruciating amount of miles.
Beatfiul inside, and out, without a doubt.
Very sweet profile you contain;
For loving you, who can I blame?
Smart, willing, and caring inside,
Dismantling all my fears, no more do I have to hide.
Your love is my hate.... Your hate is my love.
That will never be, 
For I have too much burning passion for thee.
One touch from you soothes, and caress's my soul.
I used to feel empty inside, as if stolen.
Dream of you every night, dream of holding you tight.
A "princess" is, all in all, what you are.
Beaten, raped, conquered,and mishandled...
Finally found that right star.
This is all because you are the girl for me
Pricless, beatiful, irresistable, and imaginary.
"Take a look around, you forgot what you came here for"
Just a soul, living in Nature's whore.
Ice cold feeling, sometimes I had.
But with you Vivian, I feel very glad.
As I searched and roamed the countryside for insight,
I couldn't sleep, and all of this was during the night.
Stoned and wasted with my friend,
You snapped me out of it, and we began to mend.
I depart once more, but I'll come back soon...
Just one kiss from you is all I ask, 
during this enchanted full moon!
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Poem ID: 9716   Poem Posted: 1/4/1999
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Copyright , 99, Jimmy KiD RoCk  all rights reserved by the author.
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