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The pains of love
by Whitney Allison Byrd

She waits by the phone for hours,
But he never calls
Her heart has been broken,
Her heart shatters all over the walls.

He stood her up once again,
Her heart is crushed to pieces- 
they fall to the floor.
He has left her heartbroken, 
He walked out the door.

He finally told her he liked her-
As a friend... nothing less, nothing more.

She still doesn't understand,
Why did he hurt her this way?
Why didn't he tell her the truth?
She's speechless, she doesn't know what to say.

It becomes even worse,
When she begins to cry.
Her body is numb, her heart aches,
He made it worse, when he said 'good-bye.'
Her heart pounds faster every breath she takes.

She turns away, she tries not to cry,
But when see's him with her,
She feels like she wants to die.

She can't sleep, she can't eat,
She doesn't know what to do
She gave him her heart,
Which was pure and true.

She asks the lord above,
Why did it happen to her?
She finally realized...
These are the pains of love.
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Poem ID: 74138   Poem Posted: 8/22/2003
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Copyright , December 7, 2002, Whitney Allison Byrd  all rights reserved by the author.
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