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Tell Me Why
by Nadia  Varkovsky

Ever since I arrived on this paradise island,
I've been thinking about you.
Everything seems so perfet,
Yet I know there's something missing in my heart.

The sky was blue and clear;
And as I sat on the beach by myself
Enjoying the marvelous scenery,
Your face couldn't stop drifting into my mind.

I know it's hard girl...
And that you're ready to give up on it.
But it isn't utterly impossible
'Cause I believe hope is still there.

The wind blew furiously at my face
And so I really wonder...
Why can't we persevere like the wind?
Please tell me why girl?

The hands of time didn't slow down.
And soon darkness engulf everything.
As I stared onto the cloudless sky
Yet crowded with shining stars.

I picked the brightest one
And wished upon it
But my heart bleeds
'Cause you're not here with me...

Even though we're separated
By mountains, rivers
And the ocean itself
I could always feel you close to my heart.

Please tell me why girl?
Why can't we be united in love?
Just like mankind who can always compromise with nature
Even though thousands of problems never cease to exist.

I would do anything girl...
Anything you want mt to do;
If that's all it takes
To earn a little of your love...

You know how much I need you in my life
'Cause I've been lonely for all these years.
You know you have captured my heart
And it's hard for me to let go anymore...

Please tell me why girl...
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Poem ID: 42775   Poem Posted: 8/10/2000
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Copyright , 19 June 2000, Nadia Varkovsky  all rights reserved by the author.
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