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The Drug
by   TeaTime

First you just want to try it,
You know you never will, because it's not safe,
But still, you want to,
You're curious,
You wonder how it would feel,
It looks so good,
The allure is almost impossible to resist.

Then you try it, 
Just this once...
To see what it's like,
To feel the sensation,
To see what you're missing,
And it feels good,
Better than you could have imagined.

It's a terrible kind of wonderful,
Leading you to feel,
And feel,
And feel,
A roller coaster of sensations,
Some good,
Some bad,
But now you aren't just trying it any more.

Now, you need it,
It's the last thing you think of drifting off to sleep, 
It's the first thing you think of as you raise yourself for the day,
It's always with you, like a silent companion,
Commanding your attention.
It's your obsession.

Then you begin to realize,
It has so much power over you,
It controls you, and you know,
You must give it up,
And it hurts you.

So you try to replace it,
Surely, there are other ways to feel this good,
Some type of replacement must be out there,
So you try something,
And again,
But nothing feels the same.

You try to talk it out,
But you can't.
Nobody could understand the way it makes you feel.
Nobody could understand your drug.
You must do it alone.
You may savor only the bitter-sweet memories 
    of the feeling it gave to you.
This drug...Love.
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Poem ID: 60493   Poem Posted: 5/19/2001
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