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You ask why you're special and what do I say?
You mean more to me with each passing day.
Your wit, your charm, your caring ways,
Help guide me through life's confusing maze.
You think and you challenge, you state your case, 
You make me respond and defend my space.
You question all points of what I present,
And discussing the differences can fill hours spent.
Stupid comments easily get your goat,
And you soon voice your views and express by note.
As much as you like being always right,
You listen in earnest before you fight.
You give everyone the benefit of doubt,
And then you proceed to pursue the bout.
            Your Effect

The smile in your voice can make my day,
Turn off the raindrops and chase clouds away.
Your laugh has the power to reach hidden places,
To warm me and fill all my empty spaces.
Your warmth and your caring, flow constantly from you
Bringing me nearer with each loving thing that you do.
We spend time together and exchange many views,
That your knowledge is boundless comes as no news.
You prod and you probe as no one else can,
Sometimes making you a very misread man.
With all the above, I can never express,
How special you are to me... you'll never guess,
For words alone can never describe
The feelings of peace and love at being by your side.
You create a world of ideals and dreams;
The flood of emotions flow from you like a stream.
And through all these thoughts, time and emotions,
You leave me with one constant notion;
No matter how far away, or near, you may be,
You'll always be so special, especially to me.
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Poem ID: 19029   Poem Posted: 8/2/1999
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