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These Feelings
by ashley michelle fuller

I'm sitting here 
thinking of you.
Hey, why not?
There's nothing else to do.
I see your smile and your face,
thinking how you can light up any dark place.
I want you now,
to give me a hug,
'cause your my boy,
my little thug.
I want you now, 
to come lay with me.
But we can't,
my parents won't let it be.
I wanna scream, and tell them they're stupid.
But God knows, I'll never do it.
There's something about you,
that I can't ignore,
a hidden place, like a secret door.
I can't explain why I love you so much,
there's something inside you,
that no one can touch.
You work on those bikes, and draw alot too.
Is this the attraction that I have to you?
I think it's love, but can't be real sure.
Is this your weapon, your secret lure,
when you tell me you love me?
I hope that it's true
'cause when I look deep down,
I know I love you too.
You make me feel something,
that I can't explain.
It takes away hurt, anger, and pain.
It's only been 2 months since we started going out.
So tell me, what's this feeling about?
You probably don't feel the same about me.
But, I'm asking you now,
to please let me see.
My words are all flowing and starting a rhyme.
But that's what happens,
when I have all this time.
I'm sitting here thinking,
about what else to say,
hoping I've reached you,
in my special way.
My parents wanna meet you,
'cause you're worth so much.
But this feeling for you,
they cannot touch.
It grows and expands,
so it's too hard to breathe.
I hope these serious words,
don't make you leave.
I'm telling you this,
'cause I know that it's true.
So tell me...
Do you feel this too?
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Poem ID: 50817   Poem Posted: 11/19/2000
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Copyright , september 29,2000, ashley michelle fuller  all rights reserved by the author.
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