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What Happened There?!?!?!
by Baby In Love

I cried with emotion;
I screamed in a fit.
Love is not a potion, 
but how do you handle it...

Winning is a virtue; 
losing is a pain.
I never said I'd hurt you, 
yet make you feel the same. 

Action tells it all, 
while words only lie.
You always broke my fall,
and you weren't supposed to die.

I gave you everything, 
if it was mine to give. 
If I could change that day,
I would die, and you would live. 

I know you are listening;
I can feel you everywhere.
I'm confused by the fact
you'll never really be there.

Your body is gone, 
but where is your soul?
You whispered in my ear
to make living life my goal. 

I promised you I'll do everything right. 
Your innocence is like a bear,
so hold me and keep me from fright.
But I'll keep asking, "What happened there?!?"
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Poem ID: 48925   Poem Posted: 10/28/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Baby In Love  all rights reserved by the author.
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