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Love Found Me
by Fama S Fresnosa

After some time I finally made up my mind
to stop searching for the one who will make me complete.
I have wandered around life's many paths.
At a young age I crossed many roads.
Until one day, tired and hopeless
someone walked in my life
with eyes blue as the ocean
and smile that makes heaven light up.

He came with such innocence and simplicity.
With sincerity and tenderness
an angel came down to me.
He took my hand and walked me through
a life with never-ending happiness.
No such words to describe
words that I feel inside.

When I close my eyes and think of him...
stardusts shower over me
with baby's breath and flower blooms.
Wind blows a whisper in the moon
on fairie's tune and morning dew...
I gave my heart to you.
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Poem ID: 23174   Poem Posted: 11/20/1999
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Copyright , November 1999, Fama S Fresnosa  all rights reserved by the author.
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