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Thank You For the Memories
by   Keri

As I lay here beside you
Looking into your beautiful eyes
My aching heart breaks in two
For I know this is really good-bye

As the stars shine down from up above
Casting an illuminating glow,
You pull me even closer to you
And ask me- why I have to go

Before I have a chance to answer 
Your soft lips press against mine
And all our emotions building up inside
Show through in that kiss, divine

You softly whisper that you love me
And a tear slips down my cheek
I love you with all my heart and soul
More than words could ever speak

As we kiss with intense emotions
To you, my soul tries to convey
The many things that are on my mind
All my heart is wanting to say...

"Thank you for coloring my world
Your smile always brightened my day
You are my ray of sunshine
Whenever my skies are gray"

"Thank you for your friendship
Which gave our love a base
A foundation that we built upon
Leaving us memories no distance can erase"

"I'll never forget our phone calls
That lasted late into the night
No matter how the day had gone 
Just hearing your voice made everything right"

"We could tell each other anything
There are so many secrets between just us two
You opened up your heart to me 
And I opened mine to you"

"Thank you for all the stolen glances
And conversations with just our eyes
That let me look into your soul
And always made my spirit rise"

"Thank you for the tears we shared
When suddenly things went wrong
We've been through SO much together
And I've loved you all along"

"Our problems brought us closer together
Something I thought was impossible to do
And it was then I realized
How much our love was true"

"Thank you for all the hugs and kisses
That let me know how much you care
When words could not say how you felt
I knew that you would always be there"

"Thank you for all our special moments
Loving looks, kisses, and intimacy
Our times together, I'll always treasure
My endless love you'll always be"

"Thank you for all the passion
You take my breath away
I'll miss all your sweet caresses
In your arms is where I want to stay"

Thank you for all the romance
You always knew how to melt my heart
I'll never forget my life with you
Even when we're miles apart"

"Thank you for your love
And for teaching me how to love too 
There will always be a special place in my heart
A place where I'll always love you"

"But now I am forced to move away
Leaving you and my heart behind
I'll eventually HAVE to let go to move on
But I know you will always be on my mind"

"It will be so hard for me to let go
I'll never forget the times we've shared
You mean more to me than life itself
No one else will ever compare"

"But if I ever fall in love again
(A thought I cannot comprehend)
I will still love you, but in a different way
For you will always be my best friend"

"I hope you know how much you've meant to me
And how much you always will
As the time comes to go, there's a void in my heart
An emptiness that no one can ever fill."

The clock strikes midnight
It's time for this two year fairy tale to end
We hold each other close and kiss a final kiss
And whisper, "We'll always be best friends"

There's one more thing I must say
As tears now flow with ease
I'll never forget you, my first true love,
Thank you for the memories...
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Poem ID: 19496   Poem Posted: 10/27/1999
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