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From The Ruins We Fly
by Avery  Robertson

It's not enough that you could call me 
and sit silent in spaces built like walls
between the heart and the mind
and it's still the love I have for you
that breaks this soul of mine
in ways I cannot recall without falling apart

You tripped once and fell into my arms
they held you up until you could walk alone
I watched as you built up your strength of heart
a sad journey and burden had been upon your life
so I put away my past pains and troubles 
all for the heart of you

Through the window pane I see falling the hardened rain
almost as hard as the day I fell for you
your softness was hidden behind the freedom of wings
that flew you aloft and alone as they hid your sadness
still, I watched from the earth letting you go
watching you set my heart free in your gliding 
on the winds of promises and a future
but my eyes, in silence, cried for you

So, the change has come again
the season has shed its coat and put away
it's warmth for a colder, whiter face
to sleep away the hurt and suffering on the
shoulders of spring's promises for the new 
and summer's lazy heat that made you strong 
to survive this winter of love lost and 
love found among the ruins of life

Come, oh come again, lover of mine
in winter's barreness wipe your eyes of sleep
run with open heart into the spring's promises 
remembered as they once were, happy
and I will wait on the sands of summer for
the voice that still calls to me in my dreams
and soars on wings and the winds that cross eternity's lines
for new hope for you and the old hope of me


there it is, past the new dawn rising
from the ruins we are flying
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Poem ID: 80328   Poem Posted: 4/24/2005
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