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Joy By Moonlight
by Grant Douglas Aldrich

Joy walks by moon light, 
the waves roll in with their hypnotic melody, 
her silky skin gently glows,  
her soft beautiful green eyes 
shining brightly in the dim moon's glow.

The refreshing salt air with a soothing breeze 
teases her flowing dress 
tempting to expose her exquisite legs. 

Her striking and pure beauty overpowering the senses, 
the mere sight of her making a mans knees weak, 
the eyes focus fixed upon her, 
the words seem to uncontrollably stumble, 
the mind searches for any queue, 
the heart races, pounding with the passion she has instilled within 
attempting to surface, to escape.

Composure nearly unattainable 
grasping by a scant thread of equilibrium 
feeling as though my soul is a little closer to heaven. 

The power of her boundless beauty casts a spell 
that a mere mortal man could never resist.
An elegant lady with eyes of jade,
a golden Goddess sent from above. 

I stand beside her enchanted by her presence. 
Futile attempts to ignore, 
unrelenting urges to reach out and touch her 
go without protest nor refrain.
Softly caressing her back and shoulders;
exploring- then surprised finding no wings upon this angel. 

Dear Lord, prove me worthy of heavens gift.
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Poem ID: 88599   Poem Posted: 12/10/2014
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Copyright , 10-2014, Grant Douglas Aldrich  all rights reserved by the author.
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