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With Want of Lightning
by   Eurlantae

Like a storm with want of lightning
I waited quietly for you...
My passion, hidden in the vacuum of tomorrows,
Silenced, contained, held captive in my reveries.

Your gifts, for which I yearn... elude;
Your visage, carried in my heart-of-hearts... evades,
Suspending my breath and desire in reality?s harshness.

Your coming sparkled as morning dewdrops.
You were the fountain in my park, sprung to life.
You are a rose bush in full bloom...

Your voice, the song of the meadowlark,
Resonates within my being. 
Your smile, the smile of Iris, 
The fragrance about you is the fragrance of Iris
The very essence of Iris

And now my passion is of you and for you
And about you... and is you.
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Poem ID: 89659   Poem Posted: 11/23/2018
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