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The Pain
by Matthew Levi Dixon

Oh, Why Lord, why did you take her away from me? 
Why did you take the love of my life? 
You took her away in the heat of the night.
When i awoke from my sleeping i found her not breathing.
I'm not beliving what i'm seeing.

My wife lying dead on her side of the bed, 
with her face turning pale red, like blood shed.
I feel the pain inside, looking in her eyes.
I start to cry, wishing i would die, 
because she is no longer here to be by my side.

Now i must deal with the fact that she is gone, 
my life must go on.
Realizing that everything has a purpose. 
The good, the bad... even the worst.
Every now and then i look at her picture, 
                 ...wishing i could be with her.
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Poem ID: 26760   Poem Posted: 2/4/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Matthew Levi Dixon  all rights reserved by the author.
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