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Broken Heart
by Sunday B. Fakus

Without umpire, ruthlessly you played the game
   And planted the seed of bitterness in my soul.
You ran and schemed all over the field
   Striking and scoring all the penalty kicks.

I sought no mission to kindness and faith
   As you swing my emotion in three-sixty degree.
Your destructive devices pierced through my heart
   And your careless words slam-dunked my pride.

My simple failures you grossly exaggerated
   Sweet memories of life you overanalyzed.
My cherished hope you cruelly oversimplified
   And treasured dreams you faintly summarized.

Without passion, you committed a flagrant foul
   Ignoring my feelings without benefit of doubt.
You broke the vow and ruined my life
   Now my heart bleeds... for trusting your love.
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Poem ID: 40394   Poem Posted: 1/26/2001
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Copyright , March 6, 2000, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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