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I Have This Little Box
by   Amanda

I have this little box 
Filled with memories of you.
Sometimes I open it 
And remember the times we shared.  
It makes me feel whole, just as much as empty, 
Happy, just as much as sad, 
And, loved just as much as lonely.  

As I pick up the scattered memories, 
I feel as though I am picking up 
Pieces of my heart.  
I smell them, feel them, 
Touch them, and remember them.  

When I put them together, 
I feel as though as I am constructing a mold of my heart, 
Replacing each piece of the frame.  
Every time I open the box, 
The frame gets stronger and less fragile.  

It makes me smile to know that 
At one time I was loved and that I loved.  
Many pieces remind me of the pain you gave me, 
But with sorrow and grief... comes power and triumph 
And I feel as though I have won.  

You may have broke my heart 
But you taught me something; 
If you love someone, really really love them, 
Love will give you the strength to let them go.
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Poem ID: 19   Poem Posted: 11/14/1997
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