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by Mick  Goodson

Beyond this darkness,
through the veil of separation
bestowed upon us by Zeus
and his incompetent companions.
With their rampant eagerness
for intricate games
to fill their idle hours. 

An emptiness follows me. 

There is no spring in my step
nor smile on these lips.
I do not yearn for evening to fall
or a waking Sun to kiss my eyes. 
For we have taken our last walk
and spoken final words
without ever realizing them to be so. 

That we may share again
such intimate company
is far beyond us now. 
Yet, I would give my all
To glide effortlessly
across silken thighs
of my own Hera once more. 

To placate tarnished moments
when I did nothing... said nothing.
And leave those franchised Gods
fumbling for diluted magical powers.
To enact their games without cast
and most assuredly -
without a leading player. 

My spirit wanes,
as a chill October Moon wanes
for you are there now -
learning your new role, and I am here 
with the Great Bear for company. 

For I am broken - and miss you much.
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Poem ID: 89265   Poem Posted: 3/11/2017
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Copyright , 1995, Mick Goodson  all rights reserved by the author.
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